The OCTV project is on hiatus for an undefined period. Both our private and profesionnal life have evolved to take (a lot) more of our time and budget.

The OverClocking-TV vibe is still very alive in our hearts and we are still involved in the community and the industry in way that are way more discreet that what we used to do here.

We believe that XOC, Performance tuning and the educationnal vocation of overclocking has been well integrated into a more accessible format with more famous (and dedicated) personas in the Tech-Tuber space.

We will do our best to keep the content online for as long as possible and hope that these past decade(s) or our involvement in the “foreground” of the OC-world have helped shaped a better community for the generations to come.

Whatever happens… Keep Pushing It!

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Overclocking-TV.com is a web-tv community focused on extreme computing hardware.

We are releasing high quality hardware reviews, producing interviews, hardware presentations and we are also leading in the segment of extreme overclocking competition live broadcasts.
Broadcasting the major hardware brands’ competitions since 2008 such as the GOOC (Gigabyte Open Overlcocking Championship) and the MOA (Master Overclocking Arena) from MSI.

Overclocking-TV and its world wide web broadcasting experience provides you with the best visibility and professional support for your next event broadcast.

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