Computex 2013 – OCTV Pro. Services

Dear Partner,

Like the past 3 years, our video production team will be on the Computex floor to cover the new products launches and activities on your booth to provide you the maximum exposure of this last big event of 2013.

OverClocking-TV will provide dedicated Professional Services to produce video content for partners to boost visibility and ROI.


The Goal?

– Advertise and support your activity with professional video content.

– Be able to share video contents about your brand to press and fans.

– Provide videos for your Press Release, product launch or announcement.

– Use high quality videos as medium for buzz, press, customers and partners.

– We offer multicam recording capability for a better product insight.


How does this works?

– Our crew will produce videos for your brand and you will own it! These videos are yours and you can use them as you wish and share them alike.

– We come to your booth during the event or  we produce the video before the show with our local team in Taipei.


What is the difference with our non-paid OCTV videos (blogger videos)?

– Blogger videos are edited by the reporter/blogger to serve his journalistic/blogging purpose.

– Blogger videos may not display your products as you like.

– Blogger videos may not serve your marketing strategy.

– Blogger videos are not your property; most international copyrights law may restrain you from using them on official mediums such as your corporate website, Facebook pages or PRs.


More details ?

Please see our Computex 2013 Pro-Services brochure (PDF) to get all the details and pricing.

Early bids are the first served! Pricing are open to negotiation.

As we have a local video production team in Taiwan we are also interested on producing creative content before, during and after the show. If you would like a personalized video for your factory, in deep interviews, R&D office tour or side event you will be hosting during may or June : Contact us, we will cover it !

See our brochure : OCTV – On the road to Computex 2013 (PDF)

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OverClocking-TV Inquiries :

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NB : OCTV Professional Services are paid-production services and are not related to any OCTV media content. OCTV Media produce content users want, OCTV Pro Services produce content for costumers/partners as they want. 


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