CES 2010- MSI 890FX-GD70 details revealed!

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CES 2010 was the time when some partners displayed their new 890FX motherboards. MSI was in the race and presented two motherboards based on the 890FX chipset (northbridge) and SB850 south bridge.

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The upcoming AMD platform is scheduled to be launched in April, named Leo and is intended to replace the actual “old” 790FX launched almost 2 years ago.

One of the motherboards displayed on CES by MSI was the 890FX-GD70 (codenamed MS7640), it’s an ATX form factor motherboard with six PCI-Express 2.0 slots and one good old PCI slot. Basically this motherboard supports SATA3 natively from the chipset (SB850) and we can see 6 SATA3 ports. USB3 will also be available with the use of an extra chip from what we know at the moment.

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On the technical side and features of this 890FX-GD70 board, we find the MSI’s products evolution like 5 DrMos phases for CPU power, the OC Dial allowing you to increase the FSB directly onboard and a bunch of Easy Button 2 with power, reset, green power and OC Dial “activation” button.

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Please note there is a button on the back of the board close to the I/O Panel allowing you to clear CMOS, and between the last two PCI-E slots is a debug LED, very useful features for overclockers like us.

Some of you may have noticed there is no V-Check points to allow you monitoring the differents voltages, but you have a lot of checking point on the board that grant you access to direct reading for VCCP, VCCP NB, NBPCIE and NBHT.

You have LEDs on the board showing how many phases are being used, five LEDs for the CPU, two for the memory and two for the south bridge.

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We will be back on the details and overclocking result in the next few months, as the scheduled lunch is aimed for beginning of April 2010.


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  1. Matt

    March 11, 2010 8:20 am

    Man I love the 790FX-GD70 but this new Mother is from another, time and I can’t wait to get my hands on that sexy piece of a. Just from the looks of it USB 3.0, 6 sata, but we know its mother so we know she will look good when she gets older. I already know what I am getting on my next rig, screw nvidia CFX here I come, literally!


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