Standard Giveaway Rules

The following rules apply to all “Standard” labeled giveaways.

1. The Giveaway’s are open to everyone with no restrictions.

2. The Giveaway are a game of skill in which the participant is asked to answer a question though an online form managed via Woobox services.

3. The giveaway’s are run with no link / relationship with Facebook.

4. The participants to this giveaway agree with the Giveaway rules and are not forced, nor constraint to enter the contest. It is on their free will and they have the right to withdraw their entry at any point in time.

5. To ensure the operation on the giveaway application on Facebook – OverClocking-TV is collecting the following data from the contestants:

  • Name / Surname of the user (entry form)
  • Answer to the question (entry form)
  • Email of the user (entry form)
  • IP of the user
  • Facebook user ID
  • Facebook name of user
  • Facebook birth date of user
  • Facebook user location
  • Contest join date (timestamp)

7. None of the above listed data will be disclosed at any point in time. To anyone, to any of our sponsors, partner or contractors. OverClocking-TV will never sell this data.

7.1 Participants can ask for the permanent suppression of their data at any time.

8. The participating user agrees to be added to the OverClocking-TV mailing list automatically. The user can unsubscribe from that list at anytime. Unsubscribe link at the end of the email.

9. OverClocking-TV can’t be hold responsible for anything that could happen to the prize once picked-up by the delivery service.

10. The giveaway winner it responsible for paying any country entry-tax that could apply to the giveaway price delivered to him.

11. For any questions, contact us. ( contact at )

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