Win with bitfenix rules

Rules for the Win with Bitfenix mascot contest.

Rule 1: You must be going through all the steps to qualify as a winning entry.

Rule 2: The email submitted must be valid. We will be contacting the winner through that email. If it doesn’t work you fail! If you don’t reply within 7days, you fail! Got it?

Rule 3: Your submitted contest picture is your winning ticket. To be valid the picture must:

Contain a clearly visible “real” computer system (No laptops allowed, no photoshop), this is for DIY enthusiasts.

Contain a clearly visible mascot (plush teddy, figurine, etc.)

Contain a caption that is creative and fun. (tie breaker)

Rule 4: All submissions containing any sort of violent, offensive, abusive or un-appropriate content will be rejected.

Rule 5: You cannot use contest support communities / contest cheat websites to boost your vote score. We will investigate that winning submissions are based on truthful votes.

Rule 6: Submissions have to be made within the contest running time. No late submissions or vote can be accepted.

Rule 7: Only one submission per person per home is accepted and you can only submit a picture that you took yourself.

Rule 8: The shipping costs of the prizes will be taken care of on our side. Nevertheless, you are responsible for any customs related expensive.

Rule 9: We can’t be liable if the prize breaks or gets lost or doesn’t deliver. Also since this is a giveaway, don’t expect warranty service on the prize products.

Rule 10: We reserve ourselves the right to revise the rules at any time during the competition.



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