MSI MOA 2009 Finale- Behind the Scenes

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Complementing our official article about the Master Overclocking Arena 2009 on Overclocking-TV, we would like to share with you the unique atmosphere of  international overclocking events.

To begin with, our point of view presented in “Behind The Scene” as well as an official report strictly focused on the competition and the official activities will allow you to see what happens before, throughout and most of all after the competitions. The overclocking community is quite important but once the competition is over, the atmosphere is one of friendship.

MSI MOA 2009 World - Behind The Scene

International overclocking events are rare, and they allow to have many overclockers gather at the same place. It’s almost the only way for us to meet and share our experience about overclocking.

We are going to give you a day by day report of the events, and you will probably better understand the performances (though sometimes there is not any…) of some teams.

Day 1 – Arrival, hanging out in town and Hard Rock Cafe

We departed from Reims (France), capital of Champagne, by high-speed train and arrived around 2:00 pm at the Paris CDG airport. We had a lot of time to kill since our flight was only scheduled for 7:50 pm.

I’m anxious to inform you that the EPIC fail only deals with the overclockers and absolutely not the event itself, which was very well organized by MSI, and with which we find no fault.

Arrival at the hotel.

Our arrival in Beijing was fine, our flight lasted more than 9 hours and a half. We get to the Olympic Sport Center Hotel, located in the Olympic Village. We met some of our contacts from MSI and a few models. (Vanessa asked for us to say such things!)

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Touring the city

After setting our stuff in our rooms, we went for a tour in the city with some of our foreign colleagues and counterparts, hoping to get to the Forbidden City. We got off the car in a strange street, but the adventure was beginning.

We strolled among the streets, discovering the local traditions with our Slovakian, Czech and American fellows <3 (respectively Marek, OBR, Dusan, Jordan Drake from Tech Report, Gautam and Gomeler). It is quite a challenge to get your bearings in a city whose language and writing system is completely different from yours.

After walking for a few tens of minutes, we visited the Confusius Temple. Confusius was a philosopher and historical figure who made quite much of an impact on Chinese history. Check out wikipedia for more information.

[nggallery id=18]

It was time we got back to the hotel to meet the other competitors and also to get ready for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Hard Rock Cafe

We are all going through three buses chartered by MSI towards the restaurant where a buffet awaited us.
[nggallery id=19]
We take this moment of relaxation to take our new friends from around the world and share our past experiences around one (or more) beers.

As usual the evening ended late for us, given the second evening “beer” that was improvised in the hotel lobby. The explanation why some have had trouble the next morning flight + restaurant + beer + bed late …

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Timothée PINEAU (nick : Xyala)


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