Overclocker interview at the HWBOT OC Gathering

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Last week, the HWBOT OC Gathering concluded the Overclocking activities that took place at Computex. This 2014 edition offered an impressive line up of events and for the occasion many/most of the world top overclockers gathered in Taipei.

Interviews with Iconic Overclockers

At the HWBOT event, we’ve counted nearly 25 of them present. Not all were benching but everyone attended as this was pretty unique place to chill, talk hardware and relax away from the competition stress and the noisy show floor. The occasion to meet and talk with all these guys was too great and we couldn’t resist to sit down with a few of them, in front of the camera and record interviews that maybe not yet, but in the future, will be history.

These are the questions we’ve asked them:

  • What is your vision of OC today / and it’s increasing connection to eSports?
  • How did HWBOT changed your life / What role did it played in your OC career?
  • How do you see the future of OC, Live events and its existence as a recognized eSports?
  • What elements are required to make OC events, competitions and gatherings successful?
  • Are Live OC competitions and OC lifestreams heading in the right direction?
  • A few words to the event sponsors.

To answer these questions, we gave the mic to: Vivi, Der8auer, Zzolio, Riska, Rbuass, Dennis (Hardware Asylum), SniperOz, Dinos22, 8 Pack, TL and Young Pro.


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Big thanks from OCTV to the event partners that are Gigabyte, G.Skill, Enermax, Cooler Master and Gelid Solutions. We all know that without their support – such event wouldn’t be possible.


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