MSI MOA 2012 – First informations from HQ!

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Yes! Pieces of the MOA puzzle finally started to appear in our sky. Many of us where worried in the begining of the year as MSI didn’t lauched its Overclocking competition in Vegas like last year. But years are passing by and don’t look alike my friends! Finally after a few weeks, MSI reached through his MSI FanClub page to its fans, and  kind of confirmed through a Slogan croudsourcing contest that they did had a plan for us overclockers for 2012.

And here we are, MSI announced a few days ago what will be the officical MSI MOA 2012 slogan! After the “Campain for domination begins” from last year’s Soldier theme, this year’s Steel theme will be waving the slogan of …

 “Revolution Begins

A bit similar, but we all know that great OC competition are not made by their slogans but by the competition itself. So lets see what we know so far on MOA 2012:

moa 2012 slogan winner
source: MSI FanClub Facebook page

I sent a little email to our friends at MSI after having a little chat on MSN with massman, and here is the few informations that I got so far:

MSI MOA 2012 Regional Qualifiers will be all online

MSI won’t be holding offline regional qualifiers for this years MOA season as for the two past ones. No EMEA live final neither Americas nor APAC. These will be conducted through  online type submitted contests and my little finger tells me that MSI may use the HWBOT competition engine which would be great don’t you think?

So yep, this year, nobody will, at least “physically,” be able to kick Monstru’s ass off the podium… which is kind of sad though.

More infos on the MSI MOA 2012 Regional Qualifiers in April

MSI also told us to come back a bit later in April to get more informations about the competition in general and more specifically the MOA Regional qualifiers for 2012. Even if we can already guess that the competition plateform will be featuring the later upcoming IvyBridge plateform boards of MSI, please remain patient and make sure to check our page or Facebook timeline to get the freshest news on the topic later in April. ;)

MSI MOA 2012 Finals in September?

Well for this question, no answer yet. MSI hasn’t decided yet when and where will be hold the worldwide finals of the MOA 2012. These finals shall lift up quite some enthusiasms within the community as being the only live finals of this MOAs edition. Having no personal wish on the location and date, I do believe that it will again take place in Taipei probably…  but not before Q3 (personal guess).

MOA 2012, the last word

One more thing! remember that the MSI MOA is the longest overclocking competition hold in the history of overclocking with already 3 seasons. These event take quite some time to be organized and do follow the products releases from the brand. So be patient and lets support the initiative of MSI to keep on supporting overclocking competitions at world scale. :)

Talk to you soon again about this!


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