Intel trying to go viral again on new ultrabook video in Jimmy Kimmel Show

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Usually I just go over Youtube to look for music videos or some snap of TV shows, but almost never use the `homepage` suggestion where you have the last video posted by people you follow…

I might give it a more regular look as some unexpected video popped-in : Intel Ultrabook Commercial with Guillermo … from the JimmyKimmel channel. For people that have no idea about who that Guillermo is… well a Mexican guy… doing stupid stuff on a late-night TV shows hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

the ultrabooks  on jimmy kimmel live

For those that never heard of theses guys before, they have a special taste of humor (that I do personnaly like after a beer or two.), and always manage to get hollywood star to feature in their videos, the most famous one was probably ‘I’m F*@#ing Matt Damon‘ …

The Jimmy Kimmel Live show is usually turning the guess stars into regular people again, prefering featuring their own star… Guillermo !

Well… this time, no Matt Damon, but a beautiful former model, artist and comedian Alex Rose Wiesel in the ‘sad-not-to-be-raped’ role. (Told ya about the special sense of humor !). See for yourself !

That is not the first time for Intel for such marketing move as they rely on strong viewership of the show to promote their product. This is one of the approach to do it, and some people would : “Whatever you do as long as you got heard that’s all that matters.”

As said, it’s not the first time Ultrabook get commercial like this relying on guest star and making the ultrabook be the saver of the day… Intel helped ACER got a taste to save the party featuring world highest paid DJ : Tiesto.

To continue on this ‘vibe’, Intel throw a private party along with ACER featuring Tiesto in Taipei during Computex 2013, on top of a tower with massive sound system, light and sparkles… (Haters gonna hate… It was nice !)

Tiesto private party in taipei

Back in January 2011 Intel signed Will.I.Am as Director Of Creative Innovation, they are now sending him over the world on the Ultrabook Project.

It seems Intel is going full on cash again to promote a broad adoption of Ultrabooks and get the compromise between tablets and notebooks, and also promote overclocking a lot, especially at IDF 2013 San Francisco.

More OC competition on Intel CPUs next year ? (wink wink…)


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