Malaysia’s ASUS Master DIY Tour 2012 + ROG Power User Gathering

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Greetings from Malaysia. This will be the first ever Malaysian post in OCTV and I’m proud to be here. (More to come, I promise)

ASUS Malaysia in Action

On 1st September 2012, ASUS Malaysia held this event to gather a group of DIY, OC, Gamers, enthusiast. The goal was to provide a platform for attendees to learn, share their knowledge, provide feedbacks, get to know each other and of course get their HANDS-ON.

We started off with an introduction by our host. Malaysia’s very own Juan Chong (left pic). An OC guru and also ASUS Malaysia’s Technical PR. A dedicated overclocker searching for newcomers and to bring them up and to represent Malaysia.


 Next up we have Mr Kenneth Lim (right picture) from Mushkin Malaysia. A 110% dedicated to DIY, his brain is filled with tons (i mean TONS) of DIY related knowledge. Salute. Mushkin was one of the partners together with Seasonic and Artic Cooling. Mr Kenn was kind enough to handing out tips, sharing his knowledge and of course, sponsoring Mushkin Chronos SSD and Mushkin Redline RAMS for us to play with.

Overclocking Workshops

Well after the introduction and presentations, all attendees are divided into 3 groups which all 3 groups are led by renowned OverClockers. Each group were given a set of cpu that consists of:

  • mobo : Asus ROG V Gene
  • Proc : ivy bridge 3770k i7
  • Cooler : arctic Cooling i30
  • Ram : mushkin redline 4GbX2 1866 9-9-9 1.5V
  • SSD : mushkin chronos 120Gb
  • GPU : Asus GTX 550Ti DCU Top
  • PSU:  Seasonic 80 Plus Platinum 860W
Group A

Attendees were given a chance to get close and personal with their OC leaders, to learn and understand more on the fundementals of overclocking. With Asus ROG V Gene motherboard, ASUS 550TI TOP GPU, Mushkin RedLine 1866 RAM, Chronos 120 GB SSD, overclocking never seems easier for enthusiast. Each cpu is installed with Windows 7 and XP.

Let me introduce to you all the 3 leaders. Group A is led by lengcai86 from Malaysia. In group B we have bob(nz) all the way from New Zealand. Last but not least Group C is led by coolice.

 Group B

Before i forget, we have another celebrity in the house. A professional gamer from Malaysia. Miss Ashley Khoo (yes you heard me right) aka SummerAsh. A well known FPS Gamer. Checkout her facebook fan page here:  (Lucky geeks in Group B)

Group C (My group)

Mini Overclocking Competition

Alright let’s continute. While all the leaders are having fun with all the attendees, Mr Juan Chong gave everybody a suprise. What suprise ? A MINI OC Competition between the 3 groups. We were given a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes to OC and benchmark the CPU, RAM and GPU using ROG MemTweakIT, 3DMark11 and Superpi 32M. The winning group will win a mystery prize.

Before we move on to the winning group, here some pics of the rig setups.



AND The winner is GROUP B. Led by bob(nz) . Congrats to them

Overall, it was a fantastic gathering that offers (not only nice food, and gifts) a platform for young enthusiasts to expose themselves, share knowledge. ASUS, together with Mushkin, Seasonic, Artic, did a great job. The venue was great. The setup was good. I think and I do hope this will not be the last of these sort of events. Thumbs up.

Final Words from Malaysia

Before I leave you guys, I would like to thank ASUS Malaysia, Mushkin Malaysia, Seasonic and Artic for this awesome event ( and t shirt) Thank you overclocker gurus, lengcai86, coolice and bob(nz). I certainly learnt a lot especially from coolice. Special thanks to Juan Chong (Asus) for bringing us together. Can see you put in a lot of effort there. Mr Kenneth Lim (Mushkin) Thanks as always for your support and guidance. Best geek out there. :) Lengcai86 for your info. Appreciate it . And last but not least hilmiangah for some of your photos. :)

Here’s the link of his flickr:

Until next time. I promise more write ups from Malaysia :)

Peace out.


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