Time for our first big contest

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This is a long time now that we are talking internally about doing something for our fans. A little bit of gratitude in this hardcore world of extreme hardware maniacs.

At OCTV you rarely … no, should I say never see anything related to PC cases. Usually we don’t do case reviews or anything related to cases because this ins’t our primary focus at all. But this is about to change exceptionally for this give-away. Let us explain!

Win a special edition of the Bitfenix Prodigy Case

About a month ago (just before MOA actually) a good friend working for Bitfenix came to us and asked if we would be interested in using Bitfenix as cases for the MOA event (to put all our gear in it). We could have said no to such generosity … but confronted with the two following elements, our mind quickly wrapped around the problem and we changed our position:

1- A case is always useful, especially on events where you can’t really setup a system on the event floor.

2- This isn’t just a case. It’s a case specially fitted with the colors of OverClocking-TV. Impossible to resist!

So yes, this is how cases made their way to OCTV.

Blablabla… , so you said contest?

Yes, contest! We wanted to share this special Prodigy OCTV colored case with you guys and to do so, a contest seemed the most appropriate way of doing.

We want to have this as fun as possible and call out to your inspiration and creativity. We want you to take a picture of your current system, Gaming rig, bench rig … whatever that is using DIY PC gear,

Complete the shot by adding on it your favorite / most funny mascot (plush teddy, anime figuring etc.)

And then simply ask all your friends to vote for your picture. The top 2 voted pictures get a case, and the four following get a wireless headset by Arctic.

Epic, right! So gogogo and don’t forget, Keep pushing it!



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