How to make a motherboard – A visit in a GIGABYTE Factory


Every year after the computex time you usually see a lot of content and sometimes factory tour, most of the time only pictures, and sometimes video…

This year OverClocking-TV visited the GIGABYTE Factory in Nan-Ping for the third time and we had a special access to shoot some very nice footage directly on the production line, at a time no other press were joining us. We had the factory totally for us and we managed to shoot a huge footage and in the end we have more than 3hours or raw videos.

[singlepic id=7231 w=320 h=240 float=center]

We selected the best parts and mixed everything in a great video with explanation and details you need to know when you make a motherboard.

You will know every details and step that are used to make a motherboards with the off voice from Trouffman (please forgive my French accent, I’m trying to change it ! ).

All the pictures from our trip are available below or on our Facebook Fan Page.

[imagebrowser id=185]

We would like to thanks GIGABYTE for letting us shoot everything we wanted in the factory, as well as spending almost a day in the factory for the purpose of this video.

NB : For people that want to translate and make the off voice in their own language, it’s possible just let us know about it.


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  1. Per

    June 3, 2012 12:40 am

    I wish that I could understand a little bit of the language that the narrator speaks in this video.


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