Lucia explain you Extreme Overclocking – Viral Marketing for overclockers

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This is an interesting but controversed way to advertise to the Overclockers… As they are mainly guys, taking a girl to the overclocking world could make some damage…

This is purely marketing but at least it’s fun to look at :
Let Lucia explain Extreme Overclocking

Hi Guys, let my friend Lucia explain Extreme Overclocking for you!:

MSI Extreme Overclock made easy – With Lucia.

Hi, I’m Lucia! I’m here to show you that Extreme Overclocking is not as difficult as you might think. You just need good hardware and then it’s a breeze.

Overclocking is simply to achieve a higher level of performance from your hardware. Extreme overclocking is simply overclocking with extreme cooling measures, such as LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen)

Choosing the components you use is essentials. You need stable, reliable and high quality components to achieve the best results.

For today we have chosen the following parts:

• Mainboard: MSI Z68A-GD80 (B3)
• Graphics Card: N580GTX Lightning

Let’s begin by presenting all the materials needed: Mainboard, Graphics card, “benching” table, Memory, Power supply, LN2 pot, volt meter, Dewar flask.

The first step is to mount the CPU on the mainboard. Be VERY careful because it is easy to bend pins inside the socket and damage the mainboard.

I lift the arm of the socket, carefully place the CPU, making sure I align the CPU with the socket and carefully push down the lever until the CPU and socket are locked.

Then we need put the thermal paste on the CPU. Apply a thin layer of thermal paste on the CPU, it should be an small amount equally spread across the CPU. Too much thermal paste is bad for your cooling!

Now, place insulating “putty” around the CPU untill a large area around the CPU is covered.
The putty is used to prevent condensation on components or the mainboard as there will be a huge difference in temperatures. Condensation (water) on electrical equipment (a mainboard) is NOT a good idea, so let’s make sure to prevent this 

 After this I place a temperature probe between the socket and the CPU, this way I will always have a direct indicator for the CPU temperature.

Now I can continue with the installation of the LN2 Pot.

Since the LN2 pot weighs about 4.5 kg and is made of solid copper, it needs good support. We use the metal bars around the CPU socket for support.

The Pot itself is insulated with foam to make sure the pot does not exchange too much cooling with the ambient air.

For Memory, just make sure you get fast DDR3 memory that will help you in your benchmarks (ask some overclockers for their favorite brand & type!)

Now it’s time for another beauty (besides me! ) I chose the MSI N580GTX Lightning because of its high quality components; certified Miltary Class II Components.

the MSI N580GTX Lightning is also world’s fastest Graphics card at the moment, I’m going to try and reacht it’s current highest speed, a 1690 MHz GPU clock!

I install the N580GTX Lightning in the first PCI Express x16 slot.

The MSI N580GTX Lightning has double PWM controlled fans with propeller blade technology, which increases airflow by 20% and performs better than any other dual or triple slot cooler on the market.

Now I have my system set-up, it’s time to start pouring the LN2!

Start pouring LN2 into the pot until you reach a temperature of about -120°C and start a benchmark.

I’ve tested to get the CPU overclocked as high as possible. It is very important to have a great mainboard like the MSI Z68A-GD80 (B3), it’s stability and performance are excellent.

Btw, did you know what Liquid Nitrogen has a “boiling point” temperature of -196°C or -321°F

I keep benchmarking and adjusting settings until I’ve reached the highest performance.

Challenge me!

I’ve got ,my setup up and running in just a few minutes, with the help of high quality components such as MSI mainboards and graphics card anyone can break world records.

The only thing you need is just a little bit of practice

I <3 MSI, Lucia


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