eXtreme-Summit 2011 in Argentina

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Go, go! The month of February will be a very active in the spanish OC community. Yes, here we are again with another OC event, but this time it’s the turn for Argentina to demonstrate their skills during a national OC gathering.
We are invited by our friends from Overclock Extreme-TV to cover that event never seen before in these parts of the world. This first national OC event will be held in the capital city of Buenos Aires!

Finally our friends from Argentina got what they sought for some time. For the organizers, this event is truly the key step to demonstrate that they can also host these kinds of events. All OCers from Argentina are kindly invited to join the event known as “eXtreme” Summit 2011″.

This event will be held on february 19th from 11am to 5pm at Living Palermo with a panel of guests such as: Sweet (Alex for his friends and also known as moderators on hwbot) and Nacho Arroyo. Nb1 and Nb2 OCers from latin America will be there as judges.

So, who will compete? Here are some of the already identified contestants :

  • TXC
  • OCar
  • Omikron
  • OCR
  • Blue Wing
  • HDS
  • Tecnocity

Also give a look tot the following poster announcing the competition as well as the brands sponsoring it.

We should also have a livestream channel available here on OverClocking-TV for all overclockers who want to monitor the event.

At time of writing, we are looking for a way to send the spanish division of OCTV there to offer you the best insights as possible. Wait & see how this comes out …


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