The Illusion of Overclocking Support

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Dennis from HardwareAsylum published an editorial about the perception of the Overclocking support within manufacturer and the OC competitions.

One thing I have noticed over the years is a distinct lack of support when it comes to overclocking.  Now, don’t get me wrong, this article isn’t so much about the hardware but rather the actions hardware makers take when it comes to the end game.  To help explain my points I’ll provide a little background which should not only illustrate my point but, also lay the groundwork for what needs to change.

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Over the length of the article, Dennis exposed some way manufacturer use overclocking as a marketing stunt to sell lower end hardware. Considering the Overclocking Market is mainly a marketing needs nowadays, the article go through some of the way company deal with and what could be missing.

For years hardware makers have been taking advantage of what hardware enthusiast have been doing.  Case modding and Water cooling are both good examples of how an active community can actually influence what a hardware maker does and even force them to build what the community wants.

The same is true of overclocking.

The article point out some lack of coverage and why this is happening. I do personally think, as a casual overclocker that have been around in this industry for years, that the event organisation is getting more professional and focused on the Overclocking while the promotion part of the event kinda stay the same. Press Releases, video announcement and a set of paragraph is no longer sufficient for an event promotion, you need to drive the interest over time, rather than just by peak, in a hurry, usually late.

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