MSI MOA 2009 Europe- Behind the Scenes!

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With the launch of Overclocking-TV and our new means of communication (we now use a blog), we wanted to bring something new to the coverage of the events. The official article with the scores, rules and details about the event will still be the first to be published. But we should not forget that the overclockers form a real community, which always gathers in a friendly atmosphere. That is why we had to find a way to share all these moments in the life of an overclocker with you, hence the experimentation of the new Behind The Scene formula.

MSI MOA 2009 World - Behind The Scene

In these articles, we will mostly talk about the anecdotes of the events, but it will also be the opportunity for you to share the human aspect of such events with us, without focusing only on the scores and the competition thing.

Day 0 – Arrival in Munich and first… beer!

The first day (Thursday, the 16th July 2009) begun in quite a hurry, because we missed the train to the airport twice, so we were under pressure and might even have had to go a bit beyond the speed limits to be able to finally meet Alexis (from MSI france), Brice and Benji at the airport before boarding the aircraft.

Once we arrived in Munich, we were welcomed by two MSI hostesses, and learnt that the Turks got lost on their way, plus that we would wait for some other people before heading for the hotel.
We then met Vika (MSI Taiwan / Russia) who recognized us immediately, which naturally led to some talking.
We also met Danish and Italian (Media) colleagues of ours.

The trip to the hotel was pretty fun, because the driver told us some stories with a very special sense of humor.

[singlepic id=31 w=320 h=240 float=center]

We felt some emotions when we arrived at the hotel, since we met many overclockers we rarely see, and there was a lot of happy people, which naturally led to big hugs (okay this might look a bit epic but we had to convey the notion of community and reunion).

We then spent the rest of the evening talking, asking everyone how they were, with, as usual, plenty of beer!
The evening ended around a table, with two of our greek friends, with whom we talked about some events in the world and our respective points of view about them.

[nggallery id=3]

Roof Tour

The first day of the competition ends, and we are offered to take a tour of the roof of the olympic Stadium. Here are the photographs, not sorted and uncensored (on request of a lot of our overclocker friends)

[nggallery id=9]


After the thrills (or kind of) of the roof tour, we all gather at the Beer Garden to have dinner, share the last tweaks with each other, and simply have a good time.

[nggallery id=10]

Olympic Tower

MSI treated us like VIPs, and everyone could taste some marvelous little meals with suprising flavors at the Olympic Tower .

[nggallery id=15]

Feedback Video !

At the End of the competition we took a little tour of feedback and ask each team simples questions, What do they think about the event and Do they think they are in Top 5. this two question have also been asked to MSI Staff, and you can see the second was for “fun” !

IT Olympics

This last chapter is the funny part about the IT Olympics theme !


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