MSI MOA 2009- Worldwide Finals in Beijing

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After our coverage from the European Final of the Master Overclocking Arena in Munich last month, here is our coverage From The Inside of this Worldwide Final of MOA 2009 in Beijing.

IT Olympics Spirit
IT Olympics Spirit

We will focus in this article on the competition and the scores done by the contestants. Fasten your sealbelt, keep your arms and legs inside the car and get ready for thi MOA 2009 WW Final in Beijing.

The major thematics of this MOA 2009 is : IT Olympics – the Overclockers are now considered as high level e-sports players that need to fight and compete to others countries teams like in Olympics Game.

We wanted to highlight once again on the special stuff in this coverage, you could find our adventure (including trouffman losing is passport in china…) in our articles called MOA 2009 WW Final – Behind The Scene. This article will contain all the pictures uncensored of our trip in China but also lot of video from the show that can’t be in an official report but that we wanted to share with you guys.

How to reach the WorldWide Finale ?

The Master Overclocking Arena 2009 has been announced during Cebit 2009 and the qualifications had taken place from May to June for Europe, during June and July for America and in July-August for Asia. All this organisation for the WorldWide selections was an online qualification process for most of the countries, but in europe we had chance to held the European Finel in the Olympic Stadium of Munich. Take a look at What happens Behind the Scene during European final.

The Top 5 of the European final got a ticket to the WorldWide Final in Beijing, we will found Poland, Greece, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. We learned a week after this european final that one more team will be there in Beijing, so our friend from Czech republic and Slovakia will be there too.

About the North/South America and Asia the qualification process was in two step : first one was to reach the best score in SuperPi 32M while the second one is to have the best 3DMark Vantage Score.

Here is the list of the contestant for this WorldWide Finale of Master Overclockign Arena :

Team Australia : Dinos and Deanzo (New Zeland)
Team Brazil : Ronaldo and Fabiola (Yes Yes a girl !)
Team Taiwan : Coolaler and Toppc
Team Colombia : eKiller and Nestor
Team Czech Republic : Marek (A2C_OC) and Dusan
Team Denmark : NoXon and Nanok
Team Finland : SF3D and Sampsa
Team Futuremark (Taiwan) : Nick and Kevin
Team Greece : gprhellas and Stalios
Team South Korea : Oc_WindForce and Park
Team Philippine : Gil and Bart
Team Poland : Ryba et Chaos
Team South Africa : Seth et ViVi
Team Singapoor : Andy et Jeremiah
Team Sweden : Elmor et ME4ME
Team USA 1 : Fugger et Gomeler
Team USA 2 : MikeGuava et Gautam
Team Indonesia : Ekky et Hasan
Team China #1 & Team China #2

[nggallery id=22]

Hardware Lucky Draw

In order to assure a complet equality for every teams and limit the cheats, all the setups to be used during the competition are subject to a lucky draw in the hotel hall.

Then we move by bus to the competition place in one of the most famous hotel in town : The Shangra-Li Hotel. During our trip we had breakfast with ‘Egg muffins’… the american way in China to feed Overclockers for few hours.

[nggallery id=21]

The Competition Ambiance

This title may not be the most evocative one but one you arrive in the competition place we really feel like athletics champion : EPIC Arrival Music and decoration of the competition hall to fit the IT Olympics theme are HUGE. We invite you to watch the video from this MOA 2009 WorldWide Final to see and feel how it was.

[singlepic id=1842 w=320 h=240 float=center]

During the first half of the day, every teams are focused on instaling, modding and insulating the hardware. Some teams starts to prepare their secret weapons, some others don’t even test first if everything was working fine. Stula take this opportunity to talk about the rules and be sure there will not be any issues during the competition.

[singlepic id=1859 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The setups are the following hardware :

  • MSI X58 Eclipse SLI
  • MSI GTX 275 Lightning
  • Core i7 Extreme 975
  • ANTEC CP-1000
  • OCZ Blade DDR3-2133 Triple Channel
  • LG W2254TQ (Ecran/Monitor)
  • Western Digital RE3

After few hours or preparation and insulation of the hardware, all the team are almost ready for the competition.

wPrime 2.0 1024M Run

At 11:30am the wPrime competition start and right after that the US2 Team submit the first score and take the lead of this session with 140.072sec. Fifteen minutes after the first score, four teams have a score on the scoreboard and US2 Team still in the lead.

[singlepic id=1904 w=320 h=240 float=center]

US 2 Team setup with dielectric grease to avoid spending time to insulate the board !

We need to wait 25 minutes from the start of the competition to see the team Sweden taking the lead with 139.791s, at this time around ten teams have submited a score.

Team Sweden stayed in the lead during all the wPrime 1024M session, totally opposite to the Team US1 that didn’t manage to submitany scores after burning all their regular and backup hardware, they continued to overclock outside the competition for the fun.

[singlepic id=1944 w=320 h=240 float=center]

During the lunch-spare time between wPrime and 3D Mark Vantage we assist to the opening ceremony and the traditionnal flag with country name. Henry Lu, vice president at MSI, used the IT Olympics torch with ln2 smoke and put it in the center of the Overclockers.

[singlepic id=2044 w=320 h=240 float=center]

[singlepic id=2057 w=320 h=240 float=center]

MSI in developing a lot its overclocking market in China, and the MOA 2009 final is the perfect way to finish the promotion campaign about OCing. This worldwide final is also the time for lot of animation during all the afternoon, we got some interesting ones in our articles MOA 2009 WW Final – Behind the Scene.

[singlepic id=2032 w=320 h=240 float=center]

3DMark Vantage Session

The 3DMark Vantage competition begun as the same time as the opening ceremony was telling about the afternoons events.

In the 20 first minutes, team Futuremark takes the lead and stayed in this position until the Greeks arrived with a score of 18599 Points about on hour after 3DMark Vantage start.

[singlepic id=1993 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The Greek team get it through to maintain his leadership position until 20 minutes before the end when the swedish team came back and took the lead with just a 70points advance.
Better saiy that this was a really close match.

[nggallery id=27]

Diploma Ceremony

Before getting hand on the results, Jason Lee taht is responsible for components at MSI, hand in to each contestant a diploma.

[nggallery id=25]

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony, as we explained, was came-along with several animations that you will discover in our Behind The Scene acticle.

In order to find out which were the three winning teams, the count system was based on a référence score (setup with the default settings) and on the scores obtained by the competitors in percent. So the team that has obtained the best enhancement of permormances on wPrime 1024 added up to the 3DMark Vantage result will be the winner. (see : Score grid below)

[singlepic id=1822 w=320 h=240 float=center]

#1 : Sweden – Elmor and ME4ME

#2 : Poland – Ryba and Chaos

#3 : Futuremark (Taiwan) – Kevin and Nick

MSI MOA 2009 WW Final Result board
MSI MOA 2009 WW Final Result board

We can consider also the nice performances of the European teams that have taken 4 of the 5 first places in this competition.

Conference Day

After an evening well wattered (see : Behind The Scene) and a waking up more than difficult for some of us, the morning will be taken by conferences as we had made last year.

Little flashback on last year : after the competition, all the overclocker and almost all the press were invited to meet in discussion groups. Propositions had been made and the results were available a few months later on MSI’s products ! The perfect example of those improvements is the Lightning serie. Hprhellas had asked more power phases on the card and I still remember having asked for mesure points on-board for the voltage (V-Check).

[singlepic id=2067 w=320 h=240 float=center]

As you could have notice, less than one year after the last MOA, products, taking advantage of the feedback given by the best overclockers worldwide, were ready for use and on the market. We hope that MSI would be as responsive this year ! Back to this year, the morning began with short presentation of the evolution regarding overclocking in the latest models and mostly about the OC Genie that allows Mr and Mme Mich (well their teenagers) to discover overclocking easily.

[nggallery id=29]

Then, we made a bit of tourism with our overclocker friends in the olympic village and some good restaurants. We invit you to read the  Behind the Scene report in which you will find all the pictures of what happen offstage.

As you may have notive, we weren’t able to setup a live broadcast as only one personne of overclocking-Tv Staff (Trouffman) was invited for the event. We wish to give a warmly thank you to Alexis from MSI France that trust us, Fiona, Jason and Garett for their constant support from Taiwan, Lavender, Jennifer, Vanessa, Leaon for their good mood.

A big thank you to KiKi (Sue Li) from MSI China without whom my trip in China wouldn’t had been so easy. (See : Behind the Scene and loss of my passport)

Rendez-Vous next year !

Enjoy \o/


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