CORSAIR OC Event: all the details you must know!

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The Computex OC Main Event organised by CORSAIR and INTEL will be running on June 3rd, 2013 and feature 20 of the world’s best overclockers in what is the biggest cash-Prizes overclocking competition to date with USD $20.000.

Were previous competitions had stages, the Computex OC Main Event will have categories, here are a complete overview of the rules, the categories and the associated cash prizes:

Top Speed Overclocking

The teams will be using the latest motherboards from ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI, equipped with the INTEL z87 chipset and using Intel 4th Generation Core CPU. CORSAIR will supply the memory, the PSUs and a SSD to every teams in order to reach maximum frequencies and we are pretty sure some world record.

Top Speed Overclocking Cash-Prizes

  •  Fastest SuperPi 32M : USD $5.000
  •  Highest Memory Frequency : USD $4.000
  •  Highest CPU Frequency : USD $3.000

Freestyle Overclocking


Using the Intel 4th Generation Core CPUs along with any Corsair memory, each teams will have to reach the highest score in 8 benchmarks.

The benchmarks are :

Each best score will get USD $1000 in Cash-Prizes.
Note : 3D Benchmarks are single CPU only.

10 teams, 12 way to get Cash-Prizes

As there is no special order to run the benchmarks, getting a top score in a set of 8 benchmarks and the 3 more from the will be interesting to see which strategies the overclockers will adopt.

Some teams have a strong advantages in some benchmarks, like Dinos22 in 3DMark 01 or Hazzan and Andre in SuperPi 1M. Want moarh? Check out OverClocking-TV where we will present all the teams and their strength.

Watcht the Competition Live on OverClocking-TV’s Live Page.


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