MSI MOA 2013 – Is getting closer!

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MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2013 is scheduled for tomorrow. OCTV team arrived a few days before to assist and execute the following preparation steps: pre-meeting, setup of the venue, overclockers arrival…

Pre MOA meeting at MSI with judges

On wednesday, der8auer arrived in Taipei and went directly to MSI office for a MOA pre-meeting. MSI staff needed to discuss the last details of the competition. Pieter from was also here.


Arrival at the hotel

After the meeting, time to check-in at the hotel. We meet some of the overclockers arrived earlier an also German from Columbia, our OCTV contributor for the spanish website.



Venue Setup

Thursday, time to setup the venue. About 30 people are here to decorate, unpack the hardware and make sure everything will be ok for tomorrow. For OCTV, we setup everything for the livestream.


Live streaming

Tomorrow from 9:00 am (3:00am GTM+2) we will make the live of the competition until 6:00pm (12:00pm GTM+2). Don’t forget to follow us on our page and join the chat to leave your comments and questions.

See you tomorrow and keep pushing it!


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