Mad Tse, From HKEPC OC Lab, Hong Kong

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For this week, we have prepared another interview with one of a country top overclocker. After last weekend’s Amin Naderi, today it is the turn of Mr. Mad Tse form Hong Kong. We know him under the nickname of Mad222 at and his international achievements in worldwide competitions as MOA or GOOC.

Interview with Mad Tse



Can you tell us about yourself? 

Merchant (Non PC hardware), Married &  father of 2 kids.

Can you describe your relationship with overclocking and computer hardware?

Simply a hobby in leisure time.

How did you discover the Overclocking?

1ST DIY a PC for my son years ago

Since how many years are you playing with Overclocking?

Around 8 years

What kind of computer do you use every day ?

A simple air-cooled DIY PC

What are you doing in your real life when you are not overclocking?

Swimming, watching Korean drama, staying with my family.

What is your favorite brand ?

Asus, Gigabyte, Galaxy, HIS

What is your best overclocking souvenir?


Mad Tse Favorite Rig
Mad Tse Favorite Rig

All OCers have their own way to bench, how does your favorite sub-zero benching rig looks like?

Icy !!

Could you share us the story of overclocking in your country?

Really not much to say as there’re just a few Overclockers in Hong Kong who keep doing this at the moment

My Team, HKEPC OC Lab, has been trying to help the DIY market grow by getting attention from people who are interested in Overclocking

How expensive is it to do overclocking in your country? (Price of HW/ Price of LN2)

Hardwares in Hong Kong are considerably cheaper than other countries

However, cost of LN2 is way too high, HKD35/Liter

Can you explain your problems about overclocking , and using new hardware in your country? ( about hardware distributary, & price, and etc.)

Hardly get sponsorship from local vendors or overseas manufacturers as Hong Kong has a small portion of market share among other Asian counties

How are computer enthusiasts and overclockers like you are seen in your country?

In fact, not very popular

If you had to give an advice to a newby in OC, what would it be?

Keep pushing it

Big thanks to Mad Tse for his time answering our questions!


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