Lords Of Overclocking Contest finally kicks in!

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Here is probably the most attractive contest of the summer that is kicking in. Many overclockers are looking for this contest and among them most overclockers that just missed their seats to the MOA through the regional qualifiers for a few MHz or 3D points.

Futuremark Lords Of Overclocking – MOA’s second door

As we were telling you in our latest news regarding the MOA, Futuremark is once again teaming up with MSI to organize a contest that over the past MOA season symbolized the second chance entry door to the Master Overclocking Arena. So once again, the goal is the same: rocks at the LOC to get into the MOA!

This year though there is a little extra. For the past seasons we have been offered one seat for one extra team into the MOA finals. But this year it’s different. In our date announcement news we had some rumors about this and the news that felt today from Futuremark confirmed it. LOC2012 will be granting three slots to the MOA finals, THREE!

We had the occasion to discuss the LOC a few days before with Vanessa from Futuremark and here is a few things that she could tell us :)

There is a little less than three months to the finals, this should be enough for the LOC2012 right?

Yes. You’ll find we have a hyper-productive team to run contests.

Windows 8 will not be launched for the MOA, so I assume we won’t have the new 3dmark benchmark for windows 8. Can we? :)

You are a smart guy!

I’m not going to say more to this and let you decide what you should think about the last question in particular but I hope that we will have some surprises as the MOA actually just takes place a few days away from the windows 8 launch date.

Lords Of Overclocking 2012

The Lords Of Overclocking 2012 (LOC2012) contest is this year again an online contest hold worldwide. It is not only the chance for overclockers to win the prize of a seat to the MOA, but also the occasion to use Futuremark’s competition engine (alternatively to HWBOT’s one) and win hardware prizes which is always a nice incentive for overclockers that put some efforts into it.

LOC 2012 – Contest rules

We will not be discussing too much the rules of the contest as they do not vary much from the “as usual” spirit:

  1. The contest runs from 11:00 GMT July 27th to 11:00 GMT August 23rd. Contest weeks change every Monday, 11:00 GMT.
  2. On the fourth contest week, only the current top 20 overclockers on the leaderboard are allowed to keep sending new results to the contest.
  3. Entries must use commercially available components. Engineering samples or other bespoke hardware components are not allowed.
  4. All the MOA finalists (including winners and their teammates) cannot be fulltime/contract staff of ANY MB/VGA company.
  5. The grand prize will be awarded to the highest overall score in each category.
  6. Weekly prizes will be awarded to the highest scoring contestant in each week.
  7. Each contestant is only eligible to win one weekly prize. A contestant who qualifies for multiple prizes will win the Grand Prize or the first weekly prize he/she qualified for. Additional prizes will pass to the next qualifying contestant in score order.
  8. All winners, including weekly winners, will be announced after the competition ends.

Make sure though to use MSI Motherboards and VGA to be eligible to the MOA qualifier through the LOC 2012.

LOC 2012 – How to Join?

As for the previous year, the LOC contest is going to use the 3DMark11 benchmark. Here is what you need:

Then simply run the benchmark as usual and submit your score to 3dmark.com and that’s it, simple!

LOC 2012 – Prizes

There is no good competition without good prizes. Futuremark will be giving away each week hardware to the ones that obtained the following best scores:

  • Overall Performance: Highest 3DMark 11 score
  • CPU Performance: Highest 3DMark 11 Physics Score
  • Graphics Performance: Highest 3DMark 11 Graphics Score
  • Lucky Draw

Each winner of each category, each week will be wining some hardware that are some HD7870 Hawks from MSI, 90Gb HyperX SSD’s and HyperX T1 DDR3-2400 8Gb kits from Kingston as well as In win cases and PSUs. Have a look at the full Prize list here.

futuremark lords of overclocking 2012 prizes
futuremark lords of overclocking 2012 prizes


To win a seat for the MOA, the categories are the same but will apply to the whole four weeks of competition of the LOC:

  • Spot 1: Highest 3DMark 11 Overall score using the Performance preset. You must use a single MSI graphics card and a MSI mainboard.
  • Spot 2: Highest 3DMark 11 Physics score, a test of pure CPU performance. You must use an MSI mainboard and graphics card.
  • Spot 3: Highest 3DMark 11 Graphics score using the Performance preset, a measure of GPU performance. You must use an MSI mainboard and MSI brand graphics cards. There is no limit to number of GPUs in this category.

Easy right? Three places are up and we highly recommend overclockers to try their chance in teams. Indeed, the winner will have to choose a partner to join him in Taipei for the MOA 2012 finals, so don’t waste your efforts and combine your strength to make the best out of it!

Make sure to visit the competition site to get more infos about this if you need.

Lords Of Overclocking – Gogogo!

The contest is already started and there is now a little less than 34 days to go. This should leave to all the overclockers enough time to grab a spot into the MOA or at least bring some hardware home if their scores are reaching the weakly highest objectives.

futuremark lords of overclocking 2012 timer
futuremark lords of overclocking 2012 timer


We salute this contest that kicks of extremely well and we are definitely looking forward to see who is going to reach Taipei through it.

Keep pushin’ it!


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