Mr. Hiwa Pouri, from OCAHOLIC

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For this weekend, we have prepared an interview with Mr. Hiwa Pouri, from Switzerland. he is a member of OCAHOLIC  overclocking team.

We know him under nickname of Hiwa in

Interview with Hiwa

Can you tell us about yourself, your day job or studies and life in general

I am Hiwa Pouri from Iran and live in Switzerland. I don’t work in this moment and study German and French language. Married about 2 years now and still no have child.

Can you describe your relationship with overclocking and computer hardware?

I don’t overclock for about +2 years now but  I’m still doing some tests for G.SKILL and ASUS.


Hiwa on a Trade Show
Hiwa on a Trade Show


Since how many years are you playing with Overclocking?

Over 6 years subzero and more than 5 years with ln2.

What are the reasons of your started doing Overclocking?

It was really great hobby before as I said you need a lot of knowledge to make only one score.

What kind of computer do you use every day ?

Still a small easy notebook never had a case in my life.

What kind of overclocking do you prefer (air, water, Xtrem) and explain us why ?

Xtreme for sure !!

Hiwa at Computex
Hiwa at ComputexCumptex

What are you doing in your real life when you are not overclocking?

When I was single going to some bar in Italy but now I prefer pass time with my wife traveling different countries.

What kind of music do you like to listen to when overclocking ?

Metal and rock metal. (MetallicA!)

What is your favorite brand ?

ASUS and G.Skill!

What is your best overclocking souvenir?

Computex 2010 benching with shamino and vince and nickshih and andre

Hiwa at Computex with G.Skill
Hiwa at Computex with G.Skill


All overclockers have their own way to bench, how does your favorite sub-zero benching rig looks like?

Dirty setup, full of Vaseline,old mouse and keyboard are the winners.

What do you think about Overclocking events?

Overclocking events are the best place to meet other Overclockers and learn more from them, secret oc is just shift means nothing to me or maybe it’s the name I don’t like. Big or small competitions are all great and fun.

Could you share us the story of overclocking in your country?

I’m not sure about Switzerland overclocking because it’s small country and few overclockers live here, sometime we ocaholic make some to pass together a funny weekend.

How expensive is it to do overclocking in your country? (Price of HW/ Price of LN2)

Very expensive here was much better when I was in Italy.

Can you explain your problems about overclocking , and using new hardware in your country?

We can buy the latest hardware in time but ln2 price is expensive compare to Germany or Italy.

How are computer enthusiasts and overclockers like you are seen in your country?

I heard we have a lot of gamers here not really xtreme overclockers but what we have are the best Christian Ney my memory overclockers guru and Splmann lucky cpu binner.

If you had to give an advice to a newby in OC, what would it be?

 Start this hobby it, don’t pass steps fast, it’s a hobby at least enjoy it.

Anything else you wish to share with us today?

Be cool and share whatever you learn to others.


Thanks Hiwa for your time, and Keep Pushing it!


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