Zalman’s Massive Cooler – Computex 2011

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Zalman definitely decided to cool all our systems down this summer. We met them yesterday on the computex in Taipei, and here is the heavy weight that they presented us.

Please meet the new korean CPU cooler called CNPS12X !

Let’s take a look it it’s caracteristics. The CNPS12X has 6 heatpipes and a coper base. It’s is sold with 3 120mm fans which are integrated with the rad and should make sure that all the hot air is properly removed from the aluminum fins.

If the sound level indicated on the box is about 19 to 25dBA (depending of the fan rotation speed), Zalman told us that this should allow this cooler to perform 3°C lower that it’s predecessor the CNPS11X (at same testing conditions). Finally the weight of the whole cooler reaches 1kilo which is pretty massive and require buyers to mount support reinforcement at the back of their mobo.

The announced retail price will be at 99.99USD which will be most probably around 90€ back in Europe. That price considered, we can place this new cooler in the high class range of products among the CPU coolers offered today on the marked.

We hope soon to receive a sample of this cooler and see how it really performs under heat!



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