Asus Danshui Bay Preview – Computex 2011

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This year on computex, Asus decided to show of at it’s press conference the prototype of a mainboard of a new kind called “Danshui Bay”. This mainboard is a pretty special type as it combines the upcoming LGA 2011 socket and the LGA 1366 one!

So You will be able to run the actual core i7 and the next revision of it. The chipset on this mainboard is an X79 chipset. Nevertheless, Asus told us that in order to use an 1366 CPU on that board it is required to have a 2011 socket CPU installed  as the flow runs through the new x79 compatible CPU in order to be processed.

Check out our preview video of that board to get a better look of it:

We hope to have soon more news about this board and most importantly informations of how it performs under extreme overclocking of both CPUs!


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