Forget about ln2 – Laser cooling at -269 Celsius

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Yes you heard well, -269 Celsius degrees! This is the result obtained by Danish researchers from the Niels Bohr institute. In their article published in the Nature Physics (last version here: arxiv) they explained how they reached the insanely cold and close to the absolute zero temperature of minus 269 degrees Celsius.

To reach this temperature, the researchers got the idea to us a semi-conductor membrane made of GaAs (some chemical compound). Of course this discovery opens the path for future cooling solutions and within target, Quantic computing and also maybe way way in the future out computers and over clocked hardware.

Of course right now this is all very experimental and nothing near of a commercial use at hone for daily overckers like us for whom ln2 still will be used for many more years to come .. but who knows!

Source : FuturaScience



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