That was expected… we just don’t do an Intro to OC/OBT video, a guide on how to overclock your AMD or Intel CPU and your Graphic Card without going full-out!

In this video Gabe discover Liquid Nitrogen for the first time and experiment on the Intel Core i9 9900K CPU.

We achieved a BIG BOOST! but we run into a basic limitation, the Motherboard was not letting us push more than 1.7V of Vcore. To unlock this we could reach out to the folks at ASUS ROG for a “special” BIOS or just switch our MAXIMUS XI Hero for a MAXIMUS XI Extreme.

I wan to share more infos with you about that specific video as it was meant to be kept short.

  • Intel Core i9-9900K ES ( Thanks Intel! )
  • Open Benchtable Black (NGON Edition)
  • Kinping Cooling TREX Prototype CPU Pot (Thanks Vince!)
  • KPX Kingpin Cooling Thermal Paste (Thanks Vince!)
  • 2*8GB of our 64GB DDR4-4000 GSKILL Memory Kit (Thank you GSKILL!)
  • Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1500 (Thanks Cooler Master!)
  • TeVo X2 + MasterWatt Maker Support

Here are more pictures of the ln2 session.

Keep Pushing It!


Video BIG BOOST! Doing Extreme OC with NGONGAMING

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