Women Game Jam 2019 in Lima

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Last weekend was the first Women Game Jam Lima 2019, an international event with stops in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. The event arrived in Peru from Fem Devs Peru and Toulouse Lautrec with Lenovo.

Ed.Note: This article is the english version of the original (spanish) published on Tech Hardware Pro. Translation by Boris_SDK, edition by Trouffman, minor adjustment have been made to ease readability.

A Community Initiative

Like all Game Jam, this is a game development marathon (very similar to a hackathon) but focused on female audience. Hackathon aims to develop a game within 48 hours, using a theme proposed on the day of the event .

Female students in Videogames Development careers represent less than 20% of classrooms. This event seek to invite more women to enter the world of videogame development in various specifications .


The premise of these “Game Jams” is to allow an environment where (in this case) more women join the world of development by creating a better portfolio, contacts and strengthening their community.

Everyone Say “Revolution”!

As we mentioned before, it is customary for Game Jams to carry a theme that participants can use as a guide and challenge, this year the key word is “Revolution”.

And with it came interesting game proposals, some as a story and others as small worlds where their characters carry the message.


Check the games that made the contestants of this Women Game Jam 2019 worldwide.

Talks for Everyone

Thanks to the support of Toulouse and Renzo Guido, general coordinator of the Animation and Videogames race, a full day of talks was made with the intention of inviting more people to learn about video games and also to discuss topics of interest for the participating girls as a game design , conceptual art and programming logic among others.

Guests like Gabriela Patron (Geek n Chick), Mateo Alayza (Brothers Magic) Boris Fernandez (Techardware Pro) and Vania Castagnino (IGDA Peru) as well as a question panel managed by Fem Devs and Hekate (Conceptual videogame artist and teacher from Toulouse Lautrec) were present to answer questions of participant regarding the local industry.

Extreme overclocking

Boris Fernández (Boris_SdK) made a show about extreme overclocking, explaining what it is and how it should be done, as well as the advantages that are gained with a home overclock. An Intel Core i3 processor 7350K was pushed up to a 5.9 Ghz mark with liquid nitrogen (LN2) (of course!). everything worked flawlessly until -140C. Other hardware involved a z170-based motherboard and a Cooler Master V1000 Gold.

ed.note. : Shoutout to the clean demo setup using the Open Benchtable!

The demo was to encourage women to join the Overclocking and extreme performance tuning race. ed.note A space we know is utterly missing new point of view and women.

The event was entirely organized by Fem Devs Peru with Toulouse Lautrec and Lenovo’s support. Cooler Master helped with Liquid Nitrogen.

Follow Fem Devs Peru and be attentive to its workshops and Game Jams,.

Would you like to participate in a Game Jam? Tell us in the comments!


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