Computex 2012 – Noctua – CPU Cooler Prototype & Active Noise Cancellation Fan

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NOCTUA is always showing off new ptototype and futur products. Their new fan designs to allow better airflow and pressure while keeping the sound level as low as possible will be available on almost all regular sizes.

A few improvment based on the actual award-winning design already on the market, so the NH-D14 get some new modification to improv the performances again, while the horizontal CPU Cooler get a minor redesign to better fit the custumers needs.

What is definetly the most interesting prototype shown on the booth is the ANC Fans or in a long version : Active Noise Cancellation Fan, a brand new concept that based on small vibration of the blades, tend to cancel the noise from the fan itself. You will still hear the airflow sound but not the fan itself anymore. This is a working proof of concept for sure that we will look forward to see in action


Below is the demonstration of the concept of Active Noise Cancellation in partnering between NOCTUA & ROTOSUB Lab

As usual, all the pictures of the booth

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