Der8auer ECC released a new Memory Pot for DryIce and ln2

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Famous overclocker Roman Der8auer Hartung is not only overclocking or judge at worldwide competitions, he is also an entrepreneur developing and manufacturing Extreme Cooling Components needed for our hobby.

8ECC (The brand for his extreme cooling components) just released a ln2/DryIce memory pot for the first time. The memory pot is called CryoClamp and support one-sidded and double-sidded memory module, as well as ones with headspreaders.

It come in 3 colors, black, blue and red, enough to fit your mainboard color scheme.

  • Material: Anodized aluminium
  • Max. LN2 capacity: 140 ml
  • Weight (pot): 240 g
  • Weight (1 module): 90 g
  • JunPus 10 x 10 cm thermal pad 6 W/m*k included
  • Magnetized hex tool included
  • Compatible to single-sided, double-sided modules in single or dual channel with or without stock IHS
  • Holes for thermocouples are in each pot at the base and on each plate of the modules

We are looking forward to the results using theses memory pot and feedback from user having other kind of memory coolers.

Discuss about this memory pot at the Hwbot forum or on the 8ECC Facebook page.


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