nVidia planing to launch Maxwell in Q1 2014? More model this year.

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Hi readers of the overclocking and tech world, today we found a rumor about nVidia and their next graphics card generation. Seems that nVidia is planning launch this new generation more sooner that we think, more exactly in Q1 2014, yeah, less than four months from now. February-March is the expected launch for this new technology that will arrive in 20nm and will be numbered as GTX 8xx series until we know.



While we wait for this generation, we also have information about the current generation, nVidia is planing to launch more models of the current Kepler family GK104/106 re-branded and maybe more entry -level GPUs with GK208. In the other way, while AMD/ATI is two month away from the Hawaii launch nVidia is also planing in a high-end GPU that won’t exceed the $1000 USD but we aren’t sure if this will be named GTX Titan Ultra with full GK110 operation processor or just GTX 790 with two paired GK110. We think more in a GTX 790 but how knows, that last word comes from nVidia.

This last months seems very actives with the new GPUs generation approaching, so, lets see what prices reductions comes with this since at this point the costumers are the little winners of the nVidia-AMD competition for our money. We say good bye for now with a picture taken for the MOA-Latin America Qualifiers and one of the our staff members, enjoy it ;)



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