How to make a motherboard video hits 200,000 views!

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Today is a great day! Not because it is raining during the summer but because we are proud to announce that our factory “How-to” video hit the 200,000 views on YouTube!

How to make a motherboard – A legend is born

For those that remember, this video aired the first time during our live streaming from the GOOC 2010 European finals in Mallorca. That day, we produced a crazy live show with over 15 lives interventions of lead overclockers and manufacturers worldwide and broadcasted live overclocking debates for over 5 hours!

As eye candy for all the people that where following our show, this video was shown to the world. Back that day, we didn’t knew that this video would become the most watched motherboard factory tour video ever! The video features the visit of the Gigabyte Nan-Ping factory in Taiwan. It has a great english voice-over by Trouffman (insanely famous today) and comes with subs in 10 different languages (still growing today as we receive more and more everyday).

Finally, a very short piece of the video made an apparition on the french television earlier this year in a documentary talking about…. producing condoms… ! xD

Educating the crowds about manufacturing

This is what surprised us the most. A few months after publishing the video, we’ve learned that our video was used in Universities to teach students how motherboards are build. Teachers use this video to teach students how the computer master piece is assembled in the factories. This is actually what started the need for various subtitles. People in Iran event made their own voice-over in persian to share the video with their community.

The 200,000 views millage

To celebrate the 200,00 views of this video we would like to re-share it with you today.

Watch the remastered 2012 Version in full hd with better color and a native english speaker voice over.

Thanks to all the viewers, thanks for watching!

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