DDR4 even more promising, but soon in our desktops?


The latest predictions on DDR4 memory have changed again and now it appears that it should be awaited much earlier than expected (around 2015). DDR4 integration should begin first in the server market  next year.

DDR4 will be better than expected

Speaking a bit about the benefits DDR4 memory promises, we can tell from the source that it should have a capacity to deliver 50% higher frequencies than the current DDR3 modules we are using: this should increase bandwidth and reduce latencies. Also, DDR4 is called to require 60% less energy, reducing by 40% the actual energy consumption of current standard.

For Cadence controller, the PHY (physical layer) for DDR4 memory, uses a 28nm manufacturing process and is manufactured by TSMC. According to preliminary tests, it can exceed the specifications of DDR3-1600 and DDR3-1866 while demonstrating interoperability with the actual DDR3 and DDR3L standards. As if this was not enough for one news, Cadence indicates that in matter of low consumption, it should surpass the LPDDR2 standard specification which will be extremely useful in servers.

Marc Greenberg, Director of Product Marketing, for Cadence SoC Designate Systems, mentions:

“We are excited to be the first to offer a silicon DDR4 memory driver and PHY IP enable our customers to exceed the performance and power requirements of next generation SoCs with less risk.”

DDR4 Launch near?

Before you panic and start selling off your DDR3 module, remember that the DDR4 standard could begin next year only on servers and perhaps arrive in 2014/2015 on desktop. It’s still going to take some time before we can bench these little things!



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  1. TheProudNoob

    September 14, 2012 1:22 am

    The prices will be fairly high as well… Hm. I’m going to stick with DDR3 when i first comes out, but my build after that… I’ll just live with the hit to my wallet.

    • Timothee Pineau

      September 14, 2012 8:53 am

      Yes true, the price won’t be cheap at start that’s true. I’m pretty sure, DDR3 will remain mainstream easily until 2015/2016. Just to see what happens with DDR2. Incredible as it is, it still sells! All my parents computer use DDR2 and in many companies, DDR2 still rules many of their core2 stations.


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