AVEXIR Core Series Quad Channel – A kit that lights up!

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Yes, this is one more news about DRAM …  but this is not a “yet another news about DRAM” in general or neither about DDR4. This is just a little post about a quite inerresting memory kit that is starting to make quite some noise in the tech sphere. (nothing overclocking, but more designish)

The AVEXIR Core Series Quad Channel kit

If your don’t know the Avexir brand yet well look it up! They sent our spanish team a kit and we just love it, here is why. We haven’t tested the kit yet (review soon available) but there is a little something in the design that is new and nice for modding.

Blue LEDs!

Avexir core series - Leds
Avexir core series – Leds


Some might say this is nothing new, and yes we have seen leds on memory modules before (see GEIL) but never the LEDs have been place at the top of the heat spreaders and never they have been putting on a really cool blue effect.

Avexir core series - blue Leds
Avexir core series – blue Leds


Better than words, here is a short video that Elos prepared adjusted with some sweet beats.

More pics available here



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