GAINWARD GTX 580 Phantom3 in the labs…

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Just a quick word to announce that we received the GAINWARD GTX 580 Phantom3 for a complete review, testing and extreme overclocking.

This VGA is the most powerfull one with an nVidia GPU and it’s equipped with a great bunch of memory… We will see in the next few days how this card perform stock and under extreme overclocking condition.

But for now, here are the specifications :

Product Name  :    Gainward GeForce® GTX 580 1536MB “Phantom”
Barcode  :    4260183362098
GPU  :    GeForce GTX 580
GPU Clockspeed  :    783 Mhz
Memory  :    1536MB GDDR5 (384 bits)
Memory Clockspeed  :    2010 Mhz
Pixels per clock (peak)  :    N/A
Bandwidth  :    193 GB/s
Ramdac  :    400 MHz
Bus  :    PCI-Express 2.0
Cooling  :    2.5-Slot (In 3 Way SLI, only available at the outer slot)
Video-Features  :    HDMI
Connectivity  :    Dual DVI-I, DisplayPort
Product Size  :    267mm x 112mm
Power Connector  :    8-pin & 6-pin

A bunch of clean pictures before going naked on the board and getting it a big fat GPU Ln2 Pot :

Don’t forget to check out the OCTV live broadcast page and also the GAINWARD overclocking contest.


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