VIDEO : Hwbot talks with Intel on Haswell, Overclocking and XTU

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Hwbot, the world reference website in terms of overclocking results and ranking, got a chance to interview Michael Moen from Intel Performance Group.

Pieter Massman Plaisier took the mic for the interview focussing on overclocking and the enthusiast side of things.

This video contain a lot of information explaning the goal and mindset of Intel on promoting overclocking on Haswell (Core 4th Generation) as well as how the Intel Xtreme Tuning Utility was re-developed with Hwbot integration.

Intel interview with Michael Moen and Massman

In this video, find answers by Michael and Pieter on the following questions:

  • What is the Intel Performance/Overclocking Group and how that impact on the new CPU developement.
  • How Intel ingeneer new CPu for a broad use and also overclocking experience.
  • A few words back on the overclocking limitation of Sandy-Bridge and Ivy-Bridge.
  • How does Intel adapt the new Haswell Architecture (4th Core Generation) to be more ineresting for Overclocking.
  • How close is Intel involving the ODM (Ed. Note : mainboard manufacturer here.) in allowing overclocking.
  • The XTU (Xtreme Tuner utility) software and why Intel is pushing that along with Hwbot integration.

This video has been produced in collaboration with Hwbot, we would like to thanks Michael Moen for his time and insight as well as Massman for his performance in front of the camera.

Do you guys like this? Well, good news, there are more to come!


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