MSI Precision Master OC Contest

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MSI announced the launch of their easy-to-compete overclocking contest : MSI Precision Master Overclocking contest.

The contest is really available to everyone with a MSI motherboard and MSI VGA, important thing is that you won`t need the latest graphic card to compete either !

MSI announces the latest “MSI Precision Master” OC contest, hosted on HWBOT. The Precision Master OC Contest includes three benchmarks and overclockers are challenged to hit a specific target score in each of the stages. The winner is chosen amongst the people who hit the target. In case the target score was not achieved by anyone, the closest score is eligible. The target score cannot be exceeded. The prizes include the designated MOA 2013 motherboard, the MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX, and a MSI R7970 Graphics card. One Z87 MPOWER MAX motherboard will be given away amongst all participants. Overclocking enthusiasts, don’t miss this!


  • Stage 1: 3DMark 06 (Mar 24 11:00 GMT+8 – Mar 30 10:00 GMT+8), Target: 12345 marks
  • Stage 2: Heaven DX11 (Mar 30 11:00 GMT+8 – Apr 7 10:00 GMT+8) Try to reach 2828.28 DX11 Marks, but not higher.
  • Stage 3: 3DMark Fire Strike (Apr 7 11:00 GMT+8 – Apr 14 10:00 GMT+8) (Not yet announced)

Stage 1 – 3DMark06

The first stage consists in reaching 12345 marks in 3DMark06, this is easily attainable, there is already two results at this exact score on the Hwbot Database, but they are not part of the competition yet. To give you an idea, one the setup was AMD Phenom X3 8600 at 3Ghz and a HD4850 at default clock speed, so that mean everyone can win ! Just be precise !

3DMark06 at 12345marks

Update :

This stage is now over, so far 13 people managed to get the right target of 12345Mark in 3DMark06.

MSI OC Precision master - 3DMark06 stage1

Stage 2 – Unigine Heaven Benchmark DX11 (Extreme Preset)

The goal to reach is 2828.28 points in Unigine Heaven Benchmark Extreme Preset.

The stage 2 is over, as follow :

MSI OC Precision master - Unigine - Stage 2

Stage 3 – 3DMark FireStrike

The goal is to reach 15431 marks in 3DMark FireStrike, for this purpose, a good dual VGA setup would be required.

End of the round is  Apr 14 10:00 GMT+8.

So go on Hwbot and get into the game of the MSI Overclocking Precision Master to win one of theses prizes :

  • Stage 1: A MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX motherboard.
  • Stage 2: A MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX motherboard.
  • Stage 3: A MSI R7970 TF 3GD5/OC BE graphics card.
  • Lucky draw: A MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX motherboard chosen amongst all participants.



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