New CPU Frequency World record on AMD FX-8370 ‘Vishera’

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And it’s done. The two year old CPU frequency WR by AndreYang (Famous OCer and ex-ASUS employee) has finally been taken by another player in the extreme CPU frequency field! This might just be the most significant record of 2014 as it beats a truly hard challenging & long-time standing record  previously also hold by the legendary AMD FX-8150 CPU. But how long will it last – who has the highest backup score?

Top CPU Frequency to day: 8722.78 MHz

The new top CPU frequency validation record is now in the hands of The Stilt, a Finish overclockers who’s reputation isn’t to be made anymore. The new record is a 8722.78 MHz – yes 8.72279Ghz ! Quite amazing.

Here is the screenshot of the performance

The Stilt 8722.78MHz CPU Frequency Record
The Stilt 8722.78MHz CPU Frequency Record

And here is the actual picture of the the WR rig


The record rig as

The Stilt's rig.
The Stilt’s rig.

The record was made on:

  • CPU: AMD FX-8370 ‘Vishera’
  • Motherboard: an ASUS Crossfire Z (990FX chipset)
  • Memory: AMD Radeon Performance
  • Graphics card:  Asus Radeon R9 290X Direct CU II

Our biggest congrats to The Stilt for the performance – Keep pushing it!

Note: There might very well be a/several backup scores from AndreYang coming up soon – stay tuned!


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