HWBOT World Tour Latin America kicks in amateur to new level

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It has been a long week for us at the HWBOT World Tour – Latin America and it is definetly a massive start for first stop of the biggest overclocking competition of 2016.

OverClocking-TV is covering live from the event with live action on our OCTV Twitch.tv Channel and all the replays on our dedicated HWT 2016 youtube playlist.

Along the 5 days of the HWBOT World Tour 2016 Latin America at Campus Party (#cpbr9), Sao Paulo we experienced warm welcome, deep interest and great exchanges with the campuseros (Name of the people attending Campus Party). I was touched by the amount of people that came to us and talked English with us, while we could do a little to nothing in Portuguese ! Obridado!

HWBOT World Tour – Workshop

The World Tour activities include a 30Min Workshop on `Overclocking 101` and saw a warm response with people registering and filling up 4 complete day of schedule. Big Up to Alex `Darkvenom` that did an insane amount of workshop in Portuguese. The workshop is based on a very affordable set of hardware and a G3258 (Pentium Anniversary Edition – Unlocked) and the hardware from the World Tour America partners (Seasonic PSU, Hyperx SSD & Memory, GIGABYTE Motherboard & stock cooling solution). You can find the replays of the Workshop in Portuguese & the Workshop in English and try at home.

Over 140 newly trained overclockers tested their new skills on in the Amateur division of the HWBOT World Series and their responses was overwhelming.

HWBOT World Series for Amateur

The best 4 amateurs fought fiercely in a dedicated competition featuring a new format of faceoff. In fact the complete HWBOT World Series Competition is based on 1 vs 1 format with benchmark and time restriction, this format is definitely interesting. – I must admit I love it

GriloSoldier finished with the best score after the workshop, followed by rafael, they will be joined by manololuigi and HPerin to fight in the Amateur Final.

Competition details

The Amateurs have two rounds of 15mins to set the best score in XTU using the same hardware, the rig are swapped in between the 2 round to have a completely fair competition. The final score represent the Sum of XTU scores from the 2 rounds.

Hardware used (Amateur) :

  • Seasonic Platinum 760W
  • HyperX 2*4GB 2600-C9 DDR3 Memory
  • Core i7 4770K

It is summer time in Brasil and with 34C+ inside the Campus Party Area the competition needed an extra boost, so instead of using the stock cooling solution we jumped in and made it on All-In-One watercooling (Seidon 120V).

An intense battle by beginner

Despite winning the qualifier round GriloSoldier did not manage to outcome Rafael in the Grand Final. With a result of 900 on XTU, Rafael definitely had killer score that provided him a great advance in the total points and becoming the first Champion of the HWBOT World Series for Amateurs – Latin America.

HPerin & Manololuigi displayed fair-play and enthusiasm during the competition, and cheered with the winner until the end.

HWBOT Wolrd Series for Amateurs Brackets & scores

Rafael won the title of Champion of the HWBOT World Series for Amateur – Latin America and we cannot wait to see his scores in the Rookie league in the next few weeks.

We would like to give a big shout out to all the amateurs that came and participated into the workshop, as well as the partner of the event Seasonic, HyperX & GIGABYTE.

Muito obrigado brasileiros parà Campus Party ! Nos vamos ver vocês na proximas anos !

Until the next HWT stop… Keep pushing it !


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