HWBOT World Series – Latin America crowns pxhx as top overclocker

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HWBOT World Series – Latin America

We love overclocking competitions, and we love to cover them live for you guys out there ! This 2016 year is a massive one with already 7 events announced for the HWBOT World Tour and the structure of the HWBOT World Series.

Spanning over 4 different continents, the HWBOT Wolrd Series is the perfect championship for Extreme overclockers to display their skills and qualify for the WorldWide Final at the end of the year.

Competition structure

For the Latin America stop of the HWS the extreme overclockers had 3 Hours to submit the best score in 3 stages : SuperPi 32M at 5Ghz Max, GPU Pi for CPU 1B at 5Ghz Max and Maximum Memory clock. The overclockers could use any hardware they want for the qualifier except Skylake/Z170 based systems.

HWBOT World Series - Latin America - Structure
HWBOT World Series – Latin America – Structure

The Top 4 overclockers will access semi-final and fight in 1 VS 1 face-offs, each lasting 30min, with a benchmark draw before the start of each round. We enjoyed the way their was 6 different benchmarks available (3DMark 11 Physics, XTU, Max Memory Frequency, wPrime 32M, GPU Pi for CPU 100M, Cinebench R11.5) and that each overclocker could VETO against a benchmark.

This structure is definitely a disruptive way to do overclocking competitions where overclockers have to demonstrate their knowledge and preparation skills while managing the stress imposed by the time limit constraint.

HWS Latin America Qualifier

HWS16-qualifier-ocesportsacshenck took the lead in the qualifier with 28pts, thanks to strong assets in the 5ghz limited stages, followed by pxhx with a high memory frequency in Stage 3. They will be joined by joe90br & NoMS for the HWS – Latin America Face-offs.


Semi-Final #1 – acshenk VS joe90br

Both overclockers applied there veto on XTU and GPU Pi benchmark, and they fought on wPrime 32M, a very fast benchmark.

Semi-Final #2 – pxhx VS NoMS

Both Veto on XTU and GPU Pi as well, they fought on Maximum Memory Frequency.

Bronze-Final – joe90br VS NoMS

Once again the veto went to XTU and GPU Pi, and the draw was on wPrime 32M one more time.

Gold-Final – aschenk VS pxhx

XTU and GPU Pi have been veto-ed at every stages and for this stage, wPrime 32M was as well coming out of the draw hat. We did checked, there were all benchmarks in there, just the randomness of the draw made it happen on last time on wPrime 32M.

Despite acschenk being the leader of the qualifier, his struggles in the grand-final match let pxhx slowly but steadily build-up scores improvement and finish in the lead with a 4.056s in wPrime 32M.

HWS - Latin AmericaThis HWBOT World Series – Latin America crowned pxhx Champion of Latin America and he is the first extreme overclocker to win a flight to the HWBOT World Championship to be held at the end of the year.


HWS final

Thanks to everyone for tuning in the live show, we had a lot of fun doing it, and are definitely looking forward to the next HWBOT World Tour Event in South Africa on March 18th.

Until next time, Keep pushing it !


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