How to OC your Intel CPU (beginner video) on NGONGAMING

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We might have been less active on our own channel, but don’t be fooled, as we are more than active behind the scene helping out others in this world of performances seekers.

After an appearance on the NGON Podcast early last year, I finally had the chance to meet with Hamish and Gabe for some more content and beginners intros to performance tuning.

With Gabe we took a platform that most people would have if they bought their PC recently, an Intel Core i7 9700K, 16GB of memory, a Z390 motherboard and an over-powerful 1000W PSU, and we gave that system a spin!

In this video we go over the basic concepts of overclocking, what are the limitation we want to play with and some very easy-to-do tricks to get an instant BOOST.

Event tho there is way more options and tweaks we could apply, this video is aimed toward beginners and gamers that would have that kind of hardware but never really tried to get more our of it. That being said, it was fun to get through this video with Gabe as he never really wanted to try it out before.

It was great to do this piece of content while keeping it beginner-friendly and not fall into the craziness of extreme OC directly.

Feel free to let us know what you think about this kind of content in the comment or directly on our Facebook Page.

Keep pushing it !


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