Cebit 2010- RunCore SSD

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We got the opportunity during CeBIT 2010 to see what RunCore has been working on lately.

RunCore is a newly launched SSD company, with background knowledge in military communication.

They have helped and developed data acquisition for the Chinese military.

After the current demand and market changes they have faith in SSDs as the future storage choice. What differentiates RunCore SSD from all the others you might think?  RunCore SSD doesn’t only sell SSDs for military applications, but they also have SSD lineups for both Consumers and Business applications. Furthermore specialized SSDs can be made if the QTY is high enough.

For an instance DELL have contacted RunCore in order to get an SSD special made for the DELL Inspiron Mini9. It’s possible to buy RunCore SSDs online at , where there is an option to shop by the Laptop or Netbook brand that you need an SSD upgrade for.

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The RunCore line-up is also interesting, going from consumer all the way to military applications. The three product segments (Prosumer, Business and Military) each have different quality screening process, as well as different performance and warranty. On their military lineup they offer from between five (5) to ten (10) years of warranty, the military SSD are capable of working in extreme environmental conditions from -55 Celsius degrees and the whole way up to +125 Celsius degrees.

They are going to launch a RunCore SSD “eraser” series, where you simply sent an SMS from your cell phone and then the SSD will automatically erase itself.  Among all these nifty features, are also an waterproof SSD to be mentioned, which can be seen on the pictures.

We are looking forward to see more from RunCore in the near future.


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