OCTV Computex podcast #1 – Presentation

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Xyala & Trouffman are in Taiwan for the Computex for exclusive inside news and videos.

As a part of our trip we wanted to share with you how we can feel when being here. It’s something really special for OverClocking-TV and especially Xyala and Trouffman… Guessed why ?

It’s been a a year almost the same time that OverClocking-TV started to exist as itself, everything started here in Taipei last year… So now you can understand why we love so much being here, meeting long time partners, trying new stuff and of course seeing friends.

The best way to share our feeling is to make it why a video podcast. Everyday you will have a few “funny” videos, from the wake up call to the late after party discussion… The podcast is not official tech talk, it’s jsut to share with you what we’re doing here.

Thanks to GIGABYTE.


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