Overclocking event in Barcelona coming up!

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Atention, atention! An overclocking event in Barcelona, Spain is coming up grouping the best overclockers of the country …Yes sir, among the participants that will be participating, some prominent figures in the overclockers world such as “Dacosa”and “Fox”  from team “OCX” known worldwide will be present.

Preparations is on his way and everything is getting ready in order to possibly turn this event into an unforgettable day. Of course, they all are expecting to break a couple of world records. Obviously the whole event will be under LN2 with 200L of it ready to get in the pots. My sixth sense tells me that we should see some quite interesting things over there…

Here is the poster advertising the event with indication of place and time etc.

Everyone is invited to come along and enjoy the day with the overclockers. For all those that attend, prices will be awarded!

There should be a live broadcast, more details will follow later on.
The schedule will be: Tuesday all say with a break at noon for lunch, with continuous benching from 9am to 9pm

Overclocking rules!


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