Labs: G. Skill Ripjaws X Preview

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When Sandy Bridge arrived to the hardware world, most manufacturers tried  to design products that accompany the great power that resides in these powerful new cores from intel. We thought interesting to take a closer look at these memory modules that as quite some other released earlier this year have been designed just to work with P67 platforms and with second-generation Intel i-series processors.

Today in our labs we received the lates G;Skill Ripjaws X PC3-12800 light blue.  You maybe wonder what is so important in the color, right? Well is pretty simple. G.Skill decided to vary the colors of the chip coolers according to the different latencies of the memory chips. These ones operate at a stock speed of 1600MHz with 7-8-7-28 latencies with a pretty low operating voltage of 1.5V which is quite auspicious for overclocking use.

So let’s pull these modules out of the package and take a closer look at it:

What ? Pictures? … no don’t worry, it’s OCTV so lets take a closer look with Video too!

Now, after this short trailer, we invite you to stay tuned for our upcoming review of these memory modules that hopefully will reach the promises of good performance and fulfill our expectations overclocking wise.

We would like thank G. Skill and especially Mia Shih for having put accessible to a sample of this product that is so precious in the overclock world.


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