MOA 2011 – EMEA Finals in Istanbul

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Time has finally arrived! We are on our way to the airport whilst writing these lines for the MSI MOA 2011 EMEA Finals.

After qualifiers all around the EMEA region, 17 teams will be present in Istanbul for this great event that will open the doors to the worldwide finals in september for its winners. This years Europe finals are offering us a great line-up of famous overclockers and some less famous ones that at the biggest surprise of all qualified against big names of the overclocking community by example in Greece and Poland.

Let’s take a quick look at the contestants first:

According to HWBOT’s yesterday’s poll, overclokerks see the Team from Sweden (Elmor & ME4ME) win again, closely followed by the Russian team (Smoke & Slamms) and ranking third our Romanian friends (Matose & Monstru). Let’s see if this will turn to be true or if some surprises will appear from the many other challengers!

For this EMEA competition, MSI decided upon the following hardware that actually makes no surprise as it is the highest-end hardware offered these days by the vendor to the market :

  • Mainboard: MSI Big Bang Marshall (B3)
  • Graphics: MSI 580GTX Lightning
  • CPU: Intel 2600k
  • Memory: Kingston KHX2133 C9AD3XK2/4GX
  • HDD: VelociRaptor WD3000HLFS
  • PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 1350W

(keyboard and mice also provided by Thermaltake)

The competition is going to be divided in 3 Tasks. The first one is on the SuperPi32M benchmark. For this round, the competition rules states that the ratio will be fixed at 50. For those that read the forums, you would have seen discussions around this ratio rule, and even if the ratio lock is imposed, some concerns about weak CPU brought up again the topic of the luck at the draw of the CPU. Let’s cross fingers and hope that the CPUs selected for this finals will be able to scale properly and thereby reduce the luck factor involved.  Task 2 will be on the 3DMark03 and task 3 on 3DMark11.

The following weight will be given to each of the scores obtained by the contestants:

  • SuperPi 32M – 40%
  • 3DMark03 – 25%
  • 3DMark11 – 35%

The final score is based on the according calculation according to the overall performance growth obtained.

The official schedule indicates that as for the moa 2008, overclockers will spend two days on the venue. The First days will be SuperPi and 3DMark03 end the second days will be used for 3DMark11 and a panel discussion between the overclockers and MSI. These panel discussions are used in order to help MSI’s staff to receive feedbacks from the overclockers and adress the future.

OverClocking-TV will be covering the event with video interviews and our now traditional aftermovie but also some other surprises that we hope will bring a new interesting vision into the competition to the ones that stay home and try to follow live what is going there. Due to a few circumstances, we won’t have a live show this time, mainly because of the short notice we had to prepare it. But don’t worry, we’ll be back at the APAC finals in June!

We wish to all the contestants a good and safe trip to Istanbul. We can’t wait to meet you all there tonight sitting around some fresh beers (Monstru, don’t forget your diet!) and of course we wish them the best luck for the competition.

Keep pushing it!

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