ASROCK @ Computex 2013

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Just as with G.Skill ASRock have one of the main overclocking shows at Computex, deja vu, our approach is identical, we will seperate the overclocking show from the actual product teaser. Its been a complete nobrainer for us which product we should pick and do work on, old news that NickShih joined ASRock and has been working on bringing them to the top – obviously we are focusing on Nicks new baby; ASRock Z87 OC Formula. We got an introduction for the board, yet remembering all the features when doing the video in noisy crowded enviroment is tough, we would like to add one more feature that we neglected in the video, especially since its not visible on the front of the motherboard. ASRock has shorten the solder on the backside of the DIMM, this is claimed to reduce interfearance and thereby increase ability to overclock the memory.

For all the other great features, you will have to watch the video, enjoy!

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