The NGON Podcast talks about Overclocking!

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The latest NGON Podcast invites Isaïe Trouffman on the show to talk about overclocking, PC hardware and more.

Few weeks ago Hamish from the NGON community reached out to discuss & exchange tips and trick for their Youtube content about PC Building. Fast forward a few Skype call, good laugh and great discussion this come up “Hey, Do you wanna talk about this in our next podcast ?”.

The only answer to that would be “Yes ! Let’s do it”.

In the podcast Hamish and Trouffman discuss about the advantages, risk and events in the overclocking scene, along with more general PC building and streaming content and also the Open Benchtable Project.

For those of you that discoverer the NGON Community folks, they are mainly from the Uplay Team (Ubisoft), they will take you to behind-the-scenes at Ubisoft with special insight and how things are done in a geeky way !

We would like to thanks Hamish and the NGON Community and we can’t wait to talk about PC building and Performance increase in future podcast and videos !

More resources

Links about people and topic discussed in this podcast are available below

Open Benchtable

– Facebook : OverClocking-TV
– Twitch : OverClockingTV
– Youtube : OverClockingTV
– Twitter : @overclockingtv
SkatterBencher  (easy How-to for performance increase)
– Youtube : SkatterBencher
– Facebook : SkatterBencher

Top overclockers worth checking out for their content :

Wizerty (Best of France and top worldwide)
– Twitch : Wizerty
– Facebook : Wizerty
DrWeez (Best of South Africa – teach / answer questions on his twitch about PC building)
– Twitch : DrWeez_OC
– Facebook : DrWeezOC
Buildzoid (highlight technical guy with crazy projects)
– Twitch : Buildzoid
The official Overclocking League : HWBOT
The F.F.O.C. – French Federation of Overclocking
– Facebook : FFOverClocking
Tools :

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