Relive the Performance Matters – Multicore Madness Moscow

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The crew is back from Moscow after an intense night at the Performance Matters event, just quick enough to drop you the replays of the Multicore Madness Moscow with Wizerty, Benchbros and Smoke.

What a night ! It started with a discussion between OverClocking-TV’s host @Trouffman and two special guests co-host : The one and only crazy-haired Buildzoid and the equally opposite crazy-bearded Dr. Beardasaurus aka Houston.

You were in numbers to join the live and the different chat (Twitch OCTV Channel & OCTV Facebook Page) and follow the expert commentaries, revisiting the Cinebench R11.5 score evolution over the past 17 years and discussing the 14, 16, 18 cores Intel CPUs and hardware used.

Wizerty, best overclocker in France, focused on the Intel Core i9-7940X, a 14 core CPU, achieving a whooping 5.4 Ghz stable for Cinebench R11.5 and XTU just a few hours after touching that hardware for the first time. He did not wait long to open-up the CPU with his own delid-tool.

Despite 3 hours of multicore madness and an enormous lack of sleep, Wizerty took the time to share his experience playing with the Intel Core i9-7980XE for the first time.

BenchBros, pushed the 16 cores of his Intel Core i9-7960X past 5.3 Ghz then higher during the night using a the Rampage VI APEX for the first time as he pointed in his interview.

Smoke, managed to pushed the Intel Core i9 7980XE past 5.7ghz with the power of the SEASONIC Prime 1200W PSU and the help of countless of quantity of liquid nitrogen. The number one overclocker in Russia was the star of the night with the country’s hardware media lining up for questions and expectations.

Performance Matters Multicore Madness Moscow Smoke

As a personal note, I enjoyed every bit of that event, from putting on the stream on both side as director and host, in collaborating with a multi-cultural team with the local crew, Buildzoid and Houston. Everyone involved at his level to make this live show a success. We even had the chance to get Jeff The Turle, the iconic OverClocking-TV mascot on the live set, can you find it ?

Thank you to all the viewers that tuned in for the live coverage, HWBOT for putting out such event and all the crew that prevented Murphy’s law from interacting with the show! Great job all

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