Kill your brain before your CPU

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Do you prefer to not overclock your CPU for fear to kill it? That’s not a problem any more! You can “practice” with your brain before moving on to your CPU.

If you always wanted to overclock your CPU but never did it for “fear” to kill it, Startup GoFlow is planning in offering a DYI device (Do It Yourself) for around $99 USD that gives you the possibility to overclock with your brain in the confort of your home.

The device, called Transcranial Direct Stimulation (TDS) is a kit that include a few electrodes which are used to make circulate a constant and low end current to the area of your brain that you wanna stimulate. Now the debate is on the field of “use it or not”. Some people find this to be a good option as a way to help their child to improve their academic performance.

On the other hand, this device would be only available for the “rich” and again this wouldn’t bw a fair thing once again in our modern societies. Anyway!

Now that you know that you can overclock your brain too, why not overclocking your brain first? Maybe you can get the knowledge or the little extra reactivity and skills that you need for being a master of overclocking.

But keep in mind! Your brain doesn’t have warranty and can’t be replaced (here is where I love my CPU), so, if you prefer to fry your brain instead of frying your CPU, go ahead! BUT on your own responsibility. RMA isn’t an option here.

Source: / image : UCLA

Note: nothing written in this news should be taken seriously … seriously!



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