ASUS AOOC 2013 – It’s Today!

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Today is the day! If you don’t know what the AOOC is about, have a look at all these posts we’ve already made about the event, benchmarks, rules and more.


Live from Moscow

The ASUS AOOC is THE biggest live OC event of 2013 hold in Europe. Gathering overclockers from all corners of the old continent, todays finals promise to me exiting and interesting.

Make sure to tune-in here on our live-streaming page and feel free to share, embed and comment. Ask us any questions you have an we will be making our best to answer all of them.


First Pictures

Also, while we are here – have a look at the below first picture gallery from the event, including pictures from the overclockers arrival yesterday and early stages of the setup and arrival at the venue today:


Recording of the live event :



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